Fantasy Hero - Yrth

Making new friends

Zelia has been traveling with the group of humans and dwarves who have been searching for the Messenger. Their group approached the ruins by following what was left of the road, since it would be easier for the wagons and other wheeled transports.

Zelia has been waiting for the others to arrive and checks them out before approaching. The Messenger group wants to reclaim the ruins as a sanctuary dedicated to the Messenger, but aren’t as confident about entering them and clearing them out. They don’t object when the PCs tell them they want to enter and aren’t interested in any valuables they find inside.

The PCs enter and encounter a group of goblins. The goblins speak to them in their own tongue first, which no one understands except for Maksim who had cast his Comprehend Languages spell. The PCs attack before the goblins can attempt to negotiate in their not-so-great Anglish. The two powerful goblin mages hold them off for a bit, but eventually surrender to spare the families who live deeper inside the ruins. They offer up books and spells they had been studying. The books help provide a general direction of Eldrahil and provide some landmarks Quiron recognizes near the coast to narrow down the search but that don’t give a specific location.


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