Magic Items

Magic items and treasure


Magic items are available at character creation at the cost of character points.

Likewise, magic items can be created (or purchased/commissioned) during the campaign, but only the largest cities will even have a shop and an enchanter who can do the work. The work will take some time and the item requested will cost XP points. Bought as an independent focus (between –2 1/4 and –3) they should be relatively cost-effective.

Vanquished NPCs may be carrying magic items, usually something useful for that NPC, which can be “purchased” by PCs via XP spent. A well-designed Detect Magic may be able to discern the properties of items found. Unwanted magic items can be sold for money (to a willing buyer, of course) which can be used to buy mundane items (better armor, horses, etc.). Exchange rate TBD.

St. Gilli’s Shield: (Built as a 30-pt multi-power, per the core book, with 3 ultra slots)
1. +6 to DCV
2. Hand attack
3. Dispel

Note: Can’t imagine anyone will spend points on this, so short on details but it can be sold.

Amulet of Water Breathing:
Can be built as Independent or just as an OIF. Up to the PC, if interested.


Magic Items

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