Fantasy Hero - Yrth

Don't know much about history...

After dispatching the strange, sandy blob the PCs open the door into a large dining hall. There is a large wooden table that seats up to 22 people and chairs for all. There are place settings, but they are made from glass, most likely created from the abundant sand above. These items have no inherent value, except to a collector of antiquities or historian and transporting them will be challenging. They leave the items in the hope of finding a way to transport them safely later.

The dining hall has two doors. Quiron is certain one door will lead to a kitchen and opens the southern door. It does open to a kitchen that does not appear to have been used in centuries, but contains nothing of value. He then listens to the western door, which is deathly quiet. He opens it and it leads to a short hallway that leads to a double door. Quiron opens the double door, which opens into a large room containing a dais with two large thrones flanked by two smaller ones on the wall opposite the doors. He enters the room slowly, when his attention is drawn to the door on his left opening. Two wights (one dressed on princely robes and the other in ancient, broken armor) come out from behind the pillars on the opposite side of the room and move toward Quiron. Chasina enters the room and Turns the two wights who become cowed and frightened. Maksim blasts one with a lightning bolt, stunning it. The other runs toward the closed door to get away. From the open door, they hear incantations being spoken in a language no one recognizes. Quiron rushes toward the door, only to find himself face-to-face with two more wights, these dressed in royal garments and surrounded by a cold, blue light.

The two remaining wights prove to be powerful mages in undead bodies. One redirects Quiron’s arrow back at him using a spell that opens a portal, while the other covers Maksim’s eyes with sleet. Chasina manages to awe them with her Turn Undead ability, but they recover and use their Suffocate spell on Quiron, knocking him unconscious. Maksim and Chasina manage to bring them both down before they kill anyone.

The party searches the remaining rooms and find several books describing three royal elven families and their apparent role in creating the Banestorm spell. One of the books describes the role the Beleg family played and contains a spell they wrote while working on reaching other dimensions – a Dimensional Vault. Maksim casts it spontaneously and finds three magic items (Boots of Traveling, Cloak of Quiet Comfort, Beleg’s Companion – Bow). The vault appears to make a good way to get out all of the valuables from the Beleg ruins. The books talk a little bit about the other two royal families – Túrin and Eldrahil. Túrin was responsible for researching spells that would only affect one race, while Eldrahil was responsible for a spell that would affect everything on a vast scale.

Maksim and Chasina start discussing where to go next while Quiron recovers from the effects of the Suffocation spell…


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