Yrth is in a parallel universe with a solar system very similar to that of our Earth. The moon is the same size as that of Earth except it shines more brightly and with what most would say is a silvery color.

According to the earliest recorded history, it was home to elves, dwarves, and orcs. After a few hundred years of fighting, the elves and dwarves reached a relatively peaceful phase and both focused their hatred on the orcs. After nearly being wiped out, a group of elven mages decided they would do something about the orcs once and for all. The spell they devised seemed like such a good idea until it all went horribly wrong…

Yrth is now home to humans as well as other races who were all pulled from their own worlds. Not surprisingly, humans have thrived and the face of Yrth has changed forever. The spell that brought them here occasionally sparks unpredictable “aftershocks” which bring beings from other places and sometimes from other times although these are much smaller in size than the original event. Still, they are the subject of curiosity and study by those who wish to understand what went wrong the first time…

Note: Game is transitioning from Hero 5e to 6e for the new session.

Modified from: GURPS: Banestorm

Fantasy Hero - Yrth

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