Starting Money and Equipment

Starting Money:

New PCs will start the game with an amount approximately equivalent to the wealth of existing characters (sp value of spells and items). Characters in the first campaign began with 1,200sp.

Starting Equipment:

New PCs will use starting money to purchase basic equipment (use the prices listed on p. 174-180 FH 6e book) as well as magic items.

The cost of magic items and spells can be calculated using the following formula:

  • If the item a PC wishes to purchase is listed in the book, we stick to the listed prices.
  • To create weapons, potions and other items, we’ll use RP x 5 x (AP/20); items with AP <20 will be based on AP x 5.
  • To create armor/shields, we’ll use RP x 30 x (AP/20)
  • Spell cost will be AP x 2.5. Spellcasters will need to invest character points (1-pt familiarity for each spell learned), which are harder to come by than money. (See Magic System for specifics regarding spell creation.)

Money and pricing in the campaign are based on the following:

10 copper pieces (cp) = 1 silver piece (sp); 10 silver pieces = 1 gold piece (gp)

The economy is primarily silver-based. Gold coins are rare and copper is used for trivial purchases.

  • Average daily wage for unskilled labor = 1 sp
  • Average yearly expenses for family of four = 50 gp
  • Cost for 1 night at an inn = 2 sp
  • Meal at an inn = 1 sp
  • Mug of ale at said inn = 2 cp

See FH p. 359 for Price Modifiers Table, which may affect availability and, therefore, price.

Starting Money and Equipment

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