Racial Considerations

Orc Relations

I am taking a different tack on Orcs in this game. While there was plenty of raiding, killing and all-around misbehavin’ on the part of the Orcs before the Banestorm, most of the Orcs (who weren’t as stupid as most thought) came to the grim realization that they could have all been erased if the spell the Dark Elves created had worked. Where they once thought the Eternal was out to get them, many (a belief encouraged by their religious leaders) now believe they were saved for a reason. Some Orcs turned to Christianity, Islam, or Judaism (a new “Chosen People”), believing that the god of the humans was responsible for saving them. Still others felt that the Eternal had turned its back on the Elves (all Elves) and worked to ensure they stayed in its good graces. Not that there aren’t still a few holdouts from the old days…

In response to both the actions of the Dark Elves and the overall change seen in most Orcs, the other races of Yrth have better reactions to and relationships with Orcs. The Dwarves have long memories and still don’t trust them, but no longer go out of their way to kill them on sight. As long as the Orcs stay out of the mountains, the Dwarves tend to leave them alone. The other races tend to view Orcs in a neutral to somewhat positive way, seeing them as the failed target of a magical genocide that ripped many from their own worlds. Which brings us to…

Elven Relations

Since Dark Elves are no different physically from other Elves, they are viewed with great mistrust. Non-mage Elves are tolerated, at best, but mistrusted. Once the long-lived advisers of kings and rulers, only a handful remain in the cities of men. Most have returned to the forests, working to understand their place in relation to the Eternal. Others, including many of the anchaliel, work to find their Dark brethren before they make things worse.

Centaurs & Armor:

The Leg Shot special hit location goes from vitals to feet, so I think barding would cover 13-18 for centaurs and the human armor covers locations 3-12. I think we should use the normal hit location table (unless someone calls a shot) for attacks from the front or side, with location 13 counting as stomach instead of vitals (so 12-13 is stomach) and any 14-18 location counting against the front limbs. Attacks from the rear (or side attacks to the rear hex if the attacker so chooses) use the Leg Shot hit location with 14-18 counting against the rear limbs.

Since the only difference between stomach and vitals is a smaller BODY damage multiplier (x1 vs x2), it’s a slight advantage for the centaur on normal hit location attacks. This is balanced by the fact that attackers normally take an OCV penalty to use the Leg Shot location and we wouldn’t be applying that penalty to attacks to the centaur’s rear half.

To calculate the cost/weight of centaur armor add 83.7% Human human armor and 43.5% horse armor.

Racial Considerations

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