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The Art of Seven Cuts

This is a weapon-based martial art usable with the Blades Weapon Group. The Blades Weapon Element is free. This martial art is based on slashing strikes and is usually practiced with longer blades. Unlike most martial arts, the maneuvers are learned in a specific order, starting with the two non-strike maneuvers and proceeding with the strikes in order.

Martial Block (4)
Martial Disarm (4)
First Cut: Defensive Strike (5)
Second Cut: Counterstrike (4)
Third Cut: Fast Strike (4)
Fourth Cut: Offensive Strike (5)
Fifth Cut: Legsweep (3)
Sixth Cut: Charge (4)
Seventh Cut: Sacrifice Strike (5)

WF: Blades*
KS: Art of Seven Cuts

Student of the Sword (1-point) [requires mastery of the third cut]
Swordmaster (2-points) [requires mastery of the seventh cut; replaces Student of the Sword]

The perks are ranks, with the first being similar to a black belt in modern martial arts. It affords the martial artist a measure of respect. The second supersedes the first and adds the right to take on students as well as equal standing with low nobility.

Created by maxfaraday

Martial Systems

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