Magic School Colors

Magic School Color table

School Color Description Examples
Red Freedom, fire, and impulse. Red mages have no patience for talk or subtlety. They act quickly and recklessly. A red mage controls the power of fire and earth. They scorch their enemies with fireballs or call down electricity from the sky. They can rattle the foundations of civilizations and destroy the land itself. At their best, red mages are dynamic, passionate, and unbound. At their worst, they are shortsighted, temperamental, and destructive. Fire- and Earth-based spells are found here.
Blue Tools: Knowledge and manipulation. Reactive, calculated, and methodical. Its strength lies in patience and intelligence. Blue mages work behind the scenes, scheming and stealing secrets. They control their environments completely before making a move. Blue spells and abilities focus on prediction and illusion. Blue is also the color of technology and artifice. At their best, blue mages are inventive and progressive. At their worst, they are manipulative and treacherous. Manipulation of time, Illusions/Images
Green Strength, ferocity, and life. Green mages understand that the world obeys the law of the jungle—everything is either predator or prey. Green mages do what they can to accelerate and protect nature: jungles expand, artifacts crumble, and creatures regenerate themselves. For green mages, even the plants become lethal weapons. At their best, green mages are instinctual and adaptive. At their worst, they are savage, unthinking, and predatory. Shape change spells. Water- and Air-based spells are found here.
White Values: Order, protection, light, law. Balance through strategy and organization. Society is more important than the individual. Build strong defenses, rally the troops, and protect their allies. White magic heals injured soldiers so they can answer the call of battle again and again. White mages amass enormous armies, but sometimes a single, awesome champion is necessary to teach the enemy a lesson. At their best, white mages are self-sacrificing and moral. At their worst, they are uncreative and even authoritarian. Healing, Aid, Destruction of Undead
Black Death, ambition, and darkness. Black magic can unearth the dead from their graves and make them walk again. It can spread a pestilence across the landscape and drain the life from all who live there. Black spells can curse victims in horrible and enduring ways. They can warp the mind, poison the land, and kill creatures instantly. But the price is high and the risks are many. At their best, black mages are ambitious and unashamed. At their worst, they are enslaving and devouring. Drains, Transfers Command over the undead, projection of crippling nightmares

Source: MtG

Magic School Colors and Creatures Governed

Creature Type Governing Color Opposing Colors
Humanoid White Black, Red
Animal, normal Green Black, Blue
Elementals (Water & Air) Green Black, Blue
Elementals (Fire & Earth) Red White, Blue
Constructs Blue Green, Red
Undead Black White, Green
Demons/Devils Black White, Green
Dragons Based on Dragon Color See above

Magic School Colors

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