Languages spoken (by region):

Christian Nations:

  • Anglish (spoken in most of the Christian nations of Yrth, influenced by Norman-French)
  • Northland (spoken by the Northern tribesmen, Germanic influences)
  • Aralaise (heavily accented form of Anglish spoken in Araterre)
  • Old Aralaise (distinct language spoken in remote villages of Araterre resembling 16th century French). Modern French speakers understand this at Basic Conversation level.
  • Balinese (spoken in outlying island villages, Asian origins)
  • Note: Native knowledge of Anglish or Aralaise gives a familiarity with the other at accented levels. Native knowledge of Anglish or Northland gives broken use of the other.

Islamic Nations:

  • Arabic, classical (written Arabic nearly identical to Earth; spoken tongue slightly different). Earth speakers are at one level lower on Yrth; same literacy level though)

Other Human Languages:

  • Latin (medieval church Latin spoken by Christian scholars, clergymen, some Megalan nobles)
  • Ladino (spoken by Jews among themselves. Closely related to Spanish, but written in Hebrew characters. Use biblical Hebrew for religious ceremonies.)
  • Sahudese (nothing like the Asian languages of Earth anymore)
  • Tredroy pidgin/patois (mix of Anglish, Arabic and old Earth words; well-developed and easy to learn). Native Anglish or Yrth Arabic speakers can learn this without a teacher just as easily.

Nonhuman Languages:

  • Elves (only 1 written form. Dozens of spoken dialects; knowing 1 gives you the other at one level less. What most humans call “Elvish” is a formal language used for trade/diplomacy, which most elves don’t speak at Native levels either.
  • Dwarves (speak a single language with minor regional accents)
  • Most other races speak their own language, but generally know the appropriate human tongue of the region they live in.


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