Fantasy Character Creation and Everyman Skills

Character Creation Guidelines:

  • Total Points: 225 (+ 30 xp for PCs active in Campaign I)
  • Matching Complications: 50
  • Max pts. per Complication: 25

Unique Skills:

  • Itemsmithing (INT-based): Skill used to create or enchant items. Prerequisite: Character must have a Magic Talent. Effects of a created item are limited to those tied to the color of the talent(s) purchased.
  • Alchemy (INT-based): Skill used to brew potions, unguents, salves.

Fantasy Everyman Skills:

  • Acting
  • „Climbing
  • Concealment
  • Conversation
  • „Deduction
  • „AK: Home country or region 8-
  • „Native Language (4 points’ worth, no literacy)
  • Paramedics (Healing)
  • „Persuasion
  • „One PS at 11- (a character’s job, hobby, or the like)
  • Shadowing
  • Stealth

Fantasy Character Creation and Everyman Skills

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