Creating Potions, Salves and Consumables

Calculating the cost of item creation

Characters can create their own magic items, potions/consumables, armor, and weapons. We created formulas regarding the monetary cost of creating these items, see Starting Money and Equipment.

  • To create weapons, potions and other items, we’ll use RP x 5 x (AP/20); items with AP <20 will be based on AP x 5.

Time needed to create items

The base time for creating any magic item is one day per 10 Active Points. To increase that time increment, apply the Extra Time Limitation with a value of -½ for each step below 1 Day on the table. Thus, making the time 1 Week per 10 Active Points is a -½ Limitation; making it 1 Month per 10 Active Points is a -1 Limitation, and so forth. Reducing the required time increment is a +¼ Advantage per step up the Extra Time Table — for example, it costs +½ to reduce the creation time to 1 Hour per 10 Active Points.

Potion Specifics

The FH 6e book (pp. 322-323) presents a number of options. I want to stay away from items (after character creation at least) costing points. Potion making will be a separate Alchemy skill (see Fantasy Character Creation and Everyman Skills), since the method of creating them as described in FH is very different from enchanting other items.

I also like the “Available for Use” rule: a character may have no more than INT/5 of his own potions available for use by himself or given to a friendly person at any one time (see p. 323 for details).

As for the cost of making a potion, the “Optional Potion Design” sidebar on p. 324 describes what I see as a more or less permanent item with the “Recovers Under Limited Circumstances” modifier for charges – the character could brew more potion with the right equipment, supplies, and time. If the character has access to a lab, it would not take much time. Brewing a potion on the road would mean bringing the stuff (good time for a bag of holding) and adverse conditions might mean an additional skill penalty. Using this method, I think the cost would be calculated the same as described, above.

Making potions that will be sold and do not have charges that recover could be built with the Never Recover (-2) Limitation (6E1, p. 372), and should reduce the cost quite a bit.

Creating Potions, Salves and Consumables

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