Creating Magic Armor and Shields

Calculating the cost of item creation

Characters can create their own magic items, potions/consumables, armor, and weapons. We created formulas regarding the monetary cost of creating these items, see Starting Money and Equipment for details.

  • To create armor/shields, we’ll use RP x 30 x (AP/20)

Time needed to create items

The base time for creating any magic item is one day per 10 Active Points. To increase that time increment, apply the Extra Time Limitation with a value of -½ for each step below 1 Day on the table. Thus, making the time 1 Week per 10 Active Points is a -½ Limitation; making it 1 Month per 10 Active Points is a -1 Limitation, and so forth. Reducing the required time increment is a +¼ Advantage per step up the Extra Time Table — for example, it costs +½ to reduce the creation time to 1 Hour per 10 Active Points.

Creating Magic Armor and Shields

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