Dwarf in Blainiel


Gilli’s current status:
Gilli’s subtle attempt to interest Chasina in the Lazarite faith by providing her with a copy of the Renewed Testament does not work at any level. It does, however, prove to be useful to her after she finds out he released the Flesh Scrolls and is attempting to return them to Abydos.

Artos has named him a traitor for betraying his trust and for making him look bad since he had already contacted Lilly’s parents and told them she wanted to return home. Gilli now has a price on his head.

Gilli’s Introduction:
Gilli approaches the group in Blainiel and tells them about a group of dwarves who left the city about 2 weeks ago to follow-up on the following:

“Not surprisingly, recent controversy in Quartedec has revolved around gold. The Baran River, which flows out of the Bronze Mountains into Lake Styx, is rich with it. The dwarves, however, remained concerned, and offered to buy the river from the fief in 1999. Since the river is important to local agriculture and the Earl has no authority to sell Megalan land, they were refused. They have renewed the offer each year, promising more money, asking for different rights, or using a less diplomatic tone. In addition, they have been furiously digging in the headwaters of the river, looking for the mother lode. In late 2004, however, they suddenly stopped, and began asking discreet questions about Earth. What they found is unknown.”

No one has heard from this group of 8 dwarves since then and they should have sent word at least a week ago. Gilli is worried and has offered to reward them if they find out what happened; discretion is of the utmost importance.



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