Beleg Ruins Villagers

Descendants of the lost Roanoke colony


The villagers are dressed in an ancient style of clothing, but have adapted the colors to fit in their desert environment. Metal pieces and parts (occasional wood items) of their buildings, weapons and clothing give off a faint magical aura and the weapons themselves are especially effective against magical defenses. The villagers, however, believe that magic is of the devil and seek to contain the evil within the ruins as well as destroy those who would wield this power. They do not differentiate between white and any other kind of magic. Anyone claiming to channel divine power is lying to escape God’s punishment.

After chasing off the PCs and accusing Chasina of witchcraft, they planned on filling the tower with wood and setting it on fire, hoping to burn them all down and put an end to the constant attempts to retrieve objects of great evil.


Beleg Ruins Villagers

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