Fantasy Hero - Yrth


The group accepts Raegar’s offer and decides to leave the following morning, which allows Chasina to continue tending to any of the remaining wounded. Raegar offers them horses to speed up travel time, but Chasina cannot ride so Quiron allows her to ride on his back.

They arrive at the gates of Morriel around noon (1 1/2 days after their departure). The city gate is huge and the dwarven guards ask them to state their business and make a note of their arrival. They are directed to where they can find Artor. The trade square is surrounded by the mountains, which makes Morriel appear as a large, natural keep; entrances to what must be the dwarven living quarters are carved into the mountainside, but sealed to the outsiders who mill about the trade square. Every race and every language can be found and foot traffic slows their progress a bit.

About 20 minutes after arriving, a young human female begins yelling, to anyone who will listen, that <points>:

“That’s him! Right there! How could anyone ever forget a face like that! He attacked me and told me that he’d use his Black Magic to make me look just like him if I told anyone. <looks> 100 silver to the person who teaches that horrid, little wizard a valuable lesson about how to treat a lady and the evils of Black Magic!”

People stop and stare. Maksim and the others attempt to keep moving and ignore her, which works for a little while. Eventually, she catches the attention of a group of rough-looking men who could probably use 100 silver and who might not mind roughing up a disfigured man. Quiron manages to intimidate them enough to make them pause while everyone agrees to wait for the guards to sort this all out. Eventually, the guards check their logs and the young woman says she was accosted before Maksim even arrived. The ruffians disperse and the guards escort the confused young woman to someone who might be able to help (although she’s not under an active spell Maksim discovers).

The group finds Artos, who casts a spell on the letter which gives him “impressions” of the writer. He sees a woman (who matches Rianon’s description), undead, and a “flesh scroll.” He explains what the flesh scroll is and how they are highly guarded by the Lazarites. However, having seen Rhianon’s ability to alter people’s minds, it becomes clear she may have stolen one.

They eventually make their way to the Morning Mead Inn, and after bribing the not-so-subtle innkeeper, they find tools and dirt in the room where the dark elves and humans stayed. They then make their way to a cemetery and mausoleum outside of the 2nd city gate. There they find what appears to be the remains of a spell or ritual used to create zombies. Several of the undead stand and attack, while Rhianon lobs a dagger on the floor of the room as she attempt to leave. Maksim attempts to bind her but she evades his spell and casts a globe of darkness to aid her exit. Chasina’s white magic causes the zombies to hesitate where they are easy fodder for Quiron. A few moments later, the dagger Rhianon tossed becomes a golem of iron and attacks Quiron…


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