Fantasy Hero - Yrth

If it ain't broke...

Having spent the majority of the day investigating matters, the heroes decide on a plan of action identical to one they’ve taken before. They are fairly certain Gilli will enter the city through the main gate and will wait for him just outside the city to avoid interference from the city guard, knowing that Thulin’s Folk are friendly with the Lazarites.

They see Gilli, 4 Raven Guard and the 3 Flesh Scrolls approaching the city and decide to intercept them. Gilli recognizes them and, knowing that they wished to desecrate the spells written on the Flesh Scrolls, charges forward while one of the Raven Guard lets out a shrill whistle to summon the proctors to their location. The heroes defeat Gilli and the Raven Guard and save the Flesh Scrolls from being carried off by the gargoyles.

They decide to bring the Flesh Scrolls back to Artos and head out without returning to the city, worried about Lazarite-friendly forces interrupting things. About an hour and a half outside the city, a dwarven rider comes up the road behind them to deliver a note he says is from Artos. The note says that he will meet them in Quartedec and that he has already arranged for a boat to take them there. He will meet them and the scrolls in the city, where he has arranged to have their tattoos removed before delivering Lilly to her father. The heroes head to the dock and find the Mithril and her captain.

The letter looks legitimate and they board the ship. Chasina stays in the hold with the scrolls, while Maksim and Quiron stay topside to keep an eye on things. Chasina notices an elf exit the crew quarters and quickly put his cap on to hide his ears. She mentions it to the others, who then ask the captain if he’s aware of other elven crew members. The captain is completely unaware of having hired elves, but given that some of his crew didn’t come back from shore leave and being short-handed took precedence over hiring on beings who nearly destroyed the world, it’s no surprise when several of the new hires morph into weresharks.

Despite the best efforts of the dark elves (including verbal threats – no time for strongly-worded letters – to hand over the male flesh scroll) to escape with the male by jumping into the water and placing a water-breathing amulet around his neck, they are defeated and the flesh scrolls are kept safe.


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