Fantasy Hero - Yrth

Dark Elf/Lazarite Wrap-up

Despite being down a few crew members, the Mithril arrives in Quartedec. While Artos did not actually hire the ship, he catches wind of what happened at Thulin’s Wall and, using his spells, is able to see the heroes arrive with the Flesh Scrolls in Quartedec and arrives there in time to meet them at the dock.

The forged note is not far from the truth though. Artos has been able to find a way to erase the Lazarite tattoos and had already been in contact with Lilly’s parents, so contacting them once the tattoos are gone is no trouble. They arrive a few days later and extend their gratitude to Artos and the heroes. While not especially wealthy, they do have connections in Megalos and promise to find a way to repay them in some way.

Artos tells them that he’s had some time to “converse” with the dark elf mage who ambushed their caravan. The dark elves convinced Rhianon to steal the flesh scrolls, which proved to be an easy task. The two female scrolls were simple Undead Creation spells to better understand Lazarite black magic and to stir up animosity toward the Lazarites to serve as a distraction. The male flesh scroll had an ancient spell, hidden away by the Raven Queen, which was said to wrest control of nearby zombies and skeletons from their masters and give it to the caster. The dark elves were collecting the humans from Chasina’s time to open a portal to her time, so they could leave Yrth. They would open the portal in Abydos (areas of which were said to aid in the casting of black magic spells), use the scroll to control nearby undead and then send them in to fight the undead on the other side while they used the scroll to control the undead there as well. Foolproof! They would be seen as heroes (and eventually conquerors…).

The Officers of Truth from the Megalan Ministry of Serendipity were simply doing what they always do: keeping Yrth safe from the dark elves and from the horrors of technology. And no, Artos still hasn’t figured out how to make the motorcycle work…without Telekinesis anyway.


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