Fantasy Hero - Yrth

Bring them back

The heroes agree to help Artos and charter a fishing vessel to take them to the Ravensmarch, a strip of the Nomad Lands along the north shore of Lake Styx, up to the lower foothills of the Whitehood Mountains. The winds are with them and they arrive several hours later at a large (for the Nomad Lands) established fishing village just south of Thulin’s trade city.

The village resembles those of old Viking settlements (one-masted dragon ships, semi-permanent homes/buildings, men and women wearing simple clothes and weapons). The men of the Northland eye Quiron, assessing whether they could take him in brawl but no one seems brave or curious enough to challenge him. After some time, they observe most of the non-Northmen heading up the road to the Northwest a decide to follow them, remembering a map of the area showing Thulin’s Folk in that direction.

They arrive and enter through the familiar dwarven trade city gate, where they are briefly questioned by the guards and their information entered into a log. Unsure of where to being their search, Chasina decides to take out the copy of the Renewed Testament given to her by Gilli and read while walking down the street. She is spotted by a dwarven woman who beckons her over. Chasina, in her somewhat broken Anglish, convinces Jacklin of her sincerity and is taken to a small Lazarite chapel at the outskirts of the open air trading area. With Quiron and Maksim shadowing her, she finds herself being introduced to Agatha, the dwarven Lazarite priestess. Agatha tells Chasina that the Raven Guard is rumored to be in the city and tells her of a meeting that night at 7pm. Maksim decides to take his raven form and watch the building from a nearby rooftop, while Chasina and Quiron decide to confirm the Raven Guard rumor by speaking with the city guards. Once on the roof, Maksim notices two gargoyles on the nearby rooftops, but not on any of the other nearby buildings. Once his friends are almost out of sight, the gargoyle on the rooftop opposite him launches itself into the air and follows them from the skies. Using his Detect Magic spell, Maksim discovers that the gargoyles are magical in nature.

Quiron and Chasina do not notice they are being followed, but confirm that 4 Raven Guards entered the city the previous evening. However, the guards did not note them traveling with anyone else. They head back to Maksim’s location and they exchange information. They learn that one of the gargoyles appears to be following Chasina while the other is keeping an eye on Maksim. Chasina feels that she should talk to Agatha again and knocks on the door. She tells Agatha about the gargoyles watching them. Agatha is excited to see the “proctors” from St. Magdalene’s college here in the city. She tells Chasina that they are the messengers and are tasked with retrieving that which is lost. Chasina tells her about the missing Flesh Scrolls, at which Agatha confirms that the Raven Guard and proctors must be here to retrieve them. At this point, the heroes believe that Gilli and the scrolls may not have arrived and that intercepting them before they enter the city is the safest course of action.


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