Fantasy Hero - Yrth

A not-so-uneventful day (part deux)

As Chasina begins healing Felix and the other wounded, a previously unseen stone door begins to open in the mountainside where the caravan has stopped. From the darkened opening, a group of dwarves appears. Raegar, who claims to lead the dwarves, sees the Earth Elemental and approaches Maksim.

After some awkward introductions and distrustful comments from Quiron, Raegar allows Chasina to finish her healing while his men finish rounding up any living dark elves and take them inside the mountain. Raegar then invites everyone inside to take shelter and enjoy his hospitality.

Once inside, he invites Maksim (whose use of Earth magic has elevated him to “okay for a human” status), Quiron (after some goading), Chasina, Felix and the 4 humans to talk more about what happened. He lets them know that his men had spotted the dark elves doing the same thing twice already over the last week or so. However, they did not interfere the first time since they do not usually get involved in such affairs. When it happened again, they only got there after the dark elf had made off with some humans, dressed much like the 4 men here, and killed some of the caravan guards that they became curious about what the dark elves might be up to.

Not long after, another dwarf enters the room and hands Raegar a letter. It reads, in “Elvish”:

“Have made contact inside the city. Have freed the scroll. Meet me in Morriel. —R”

Raegar shows it to Maksim, but he does not recognize the handwriting. He makes everyone in the room an offer:

He asks Chasina, who appears to speak the language of the 4 men, if they would agree to let him and his engineers examine some of their bullets (knowing they are unique and expendable) to learn the secret of smokeless gunpowder. In return, they would be allowed to stay here in the mountains and out of the hands of the dark elves. Nothing good could come of them being captured like the 2 men/2 women from the other caravans.

For anyone willing to go to Morriel and find out more about the dark elf plans and the mysterious “R” his contact there, Artos, would provide him or her with an appropriate reward.

During Chasina’s conversations with the 4 men, she learns that they are from the same Earth and the same time as her. In fact, they had witnessed her “miracles” and had been assigned to watch her and learn more about her. The watched as she prayed and then vanished, only to be transported to Yrth moments later as well. She reveals a little of the Zombie plague sent to punish humanity, which leads to questions about the undead here in Yrth. Raegar reveals a little of the history of Abydos and the Lazarites who live north of Megalos.

Another guard enters later indicating that the dark elf mage “surrendered” the name of the letter writer: Rhianon. Maksim recognizes it and tells a little of his history with her.

While Felix decides he and the caravan will continue along their planned trade route, Quiron, Chasina and Maksim decide to continue on toward Morriel and make contact with Artor and learn more about Rhianon’s plans with the dark elves.


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