Fantasy Hero - Yrth

A not-so-uneventful day

The caravan is traveling North to Sahud, where it will follow the road along the coast to trade with villages along the coast and into Kinkaku; ultimately it makes its way back into Durinel in the Zarak mountains; from there, West toward Ekarriel and then into the Orclands.

The caravan has rumbled along for two days, at a slightly slower pace than Felix had hoped, but the other travelers and traders have been getting a feel for the stony roads that connect the trade cities in Zarak and the pace has been increasing.

Passengers usually ride in the large carriage or occasionally ride their own mounts when they need a change of scenery or time to themselves. The Sahudese travelers often walk alongside the caravan since they are unable to converse with the other passengers. The 4 human men rarely walk, while the elf or half-elf appears to sleep most of the time. Chasina and Maksim occasionally ride in the carriage, while Quiron pulls it.

A series of conversations take place inside the carriage. Chasina notices that the 4 men appear to be wearing modern (from her time) combat boots and possibly camouflage pants as well. A few quick, quiet words in modern English have her wondering and they decide to speak more later, away from the prying ears of the others. The elf or half-elf is very curious about Chasina’s origins and mentions he is from Megalos where he works for the ministry there.

Around noon, Quiron spots debris blocking the road and moves to investigate and clear it away. Two of Felix’s guards move to assist him, while the others ride up and down the caravan to let everyone know what the delay is. Moments later, a hooded figure appears along the rocks near the front of the caravan. He announces that once he has completed his business the caravan will soon be allowed to continue on its way. He casts a spell (Blue magic, Maksim ascertains), but nothing appears to happen. He then casts another (Blue again, Maksim sees) and the 4 men in the carriage as well as Chasina are limned with what appears to be a harmless blue flame. A few other figures appear along the rocks and Maksim turns into a bird to scout from above. He sees a total of 6 archers in addition to the Elf mage. Maksim casts a spell that assists him in understanding the language being used by the Elf. Most of what he says is gibberish, except his last command to “take the ones limned in blue fire; as for the others, kill them if they resist.”

Arrows fly and spells are cast as the attackers are killed or subdued. The (half-)elf from Megalos, draws his ornate crucifix while the fight rages – most likely a focus like the one Chasina carries. However, shows his true colors by casting a spell on Chasina that temporarily restrains her movement as well as sight and hearing. She breaks free as he smiles and, seeing the battle die down, bows to her and teleports away. The Dark Elf mage was not so lucky; Maksim’s Arcane Bonds kept him from escaping.


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